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Japanese Company Called Its Gaming Bed Setup The ‘Forbidd Layout’

18.04.2022 09:38 AM
Japanese Company Called Its Gaming Bed Setup The ‘Forbidd Layout’
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The Japanese company "Bauhütte" announced the design of a new bed for gamers, adding more luxury in the world of games.

The Japanese furniture company explained that the new BGB-100FA electric gaming bed allows the user to sleep, eat and enjoy games without having to get out of the comfortable bed.

The BGB-100FA can be positioned with two motors, and the top of the bed can be raised at an angle of 60 degrees.

While the legs are raised at an angle of 35 degrees, and through electric motors, this bed can be converted into a gaming seat.

The marketing images of the new BGB-100FA gaming bed showed that the user should place the desk, gaming computer and monitors at the foot of the foot.

The user will not have to get out of bed with a microwave refrigerator near the bed, so he can get food and drinks without leaving the bed.

The Japanese company explained that the new BGB-100FA gaming bed is approximately two meters long, 94 cm wide and 28.5 cm high, noting that the metal structure bears a weight of up to 200 kg.
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