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Dorsey's first tweet offered for $48 million on NFT marketplace

09.04.2022 02:36 AM
Dorsey's first tweet offered for $48 million on NFT marketplace
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Dorsey's first tweet offered for $48 million on NFT marketplace
The first tweet posted on Twitter by platform co-founder Jack Dorsey is up for sale for $48 million, 16 times the amount its owner paid for it a year ago.

Iranian businessman and cryptocurrency activist Sina Estafi announced on Twitter that he would put the tweet up for sale for 14,969 Ether.

Estafi indicated that he would allocate 50 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the tweet to the charity "Give Direct," according to Bloomberg.

The first Twitter tweet, posted by Dorsey in 2006, sold for $2.9 million in a digital auction.

The post for sale is very brief and doesn't say anything amazing, just a tweet in which Dorsey says, "I'm working on launching my Twitter."
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