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YouTube Tests New Emoji Reactions for Moments in Video Clips, Updates Community Polls

31.03.2022 09:36 AM
YouTube Tests New Emoji Reactions for Moments in Video Clips, Updates Community Polls
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YouTube Tests New Emoji Reactions for Moments in Video Clips, Updates Community Polls
The 'Like' and 'Dislike' buttons on YouTube are essential for interacting with content, but sometimes a more subtle interaction is required.

Therefore, YouTube has announced a new feature that is being tested to enhance users' reactions through emojis that can be used at specific times during any video clip.

This feature is called "Time Reactions" and users will be able to see how others interact while watching the video, via a separate interaction panel located in the comments section of each video.

Similar to the features that appeared in “Facebook Live” and “Twitch”, the reactions of viewers through the emoji will appear in an instant without specifying their source.
The emoji will include a smiley face, a heart symbol, a shocked face, a question mark symbol, among others, and will allow content creators to get more detailed data on the reactions to their videos.

The company said the feature will also show the moments viewers interact with and will be developed or removed depending on how the experience goes.
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