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You could feel real-life pain in the metaverse thanks to Japanese start-up

25.03.2022 03:24 AM
You could feel real-life pain in the metaverse thanks to Japanese start-up
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You could feel real-life pain in the metaverse thanks to Japanese start-up
The idea of a handband that could mimic pain in Metaverse might seem like a concept from the latest Black Mirror series, but thanks to a Japanese startup, the scary device has become a reality, as it has developed an armband that uses electrical stimulation to deliver physical pain.

According to the British newspaper, Daily Mail, Amy Tamaki, CEO and co-founder of the company, said, “Feeling the pain enables us to transform the virtual world into a real reality, with increased feelings of presence and immersion.”

Metaverse is a collection of virtual spaces where you can play, work and communicate with other people who are not in the same physical space as you.

Metaverse will be accessible using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) glasses and smart glasses, and can be used for work, education, games and even music events.

Dubbed the UnlimitedHand, the arm band features muscle movement sensors that recognize your hand's gestures and position, allowing your metaverse avatar to accurately copy your movements, and uses electrical stimulation to control your arm muscles and simulate sensations.

"By integrating this technology into our game console, physical encounters and exposure occasions within games can be personally felt," the Japanese company explained.

The company believes, that the armband can be used in virtual reality games, allowing users to feel the click of a bird on their skin, or the wind through their arm, however, people can also use it to feel the events of the virtual world in real life.
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