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Rare Phenomenon Of UFO-Shaped Clouds Spotted Across Britain

23.03.2022 09:22 AM
Rare Phenomenon Of UFO-Shaped Clouds Spotted Across Britain
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Rare Phenomenon Of UFO-Shaped Clouds Spotted Across Britain
A state of astonishment and astonishment dominated a large number of Britons, because they saw strange clouds in the shape of a space body, described by weather experts as a "rare phenomenon", as these unusual, ball-shaped clouds were observed all over the country.

The Met Office in Britain described this phenomenon as lenticular clouds, and according to experts, they form when the air is stable and the wind blows through hills and mountains from the same direction or the like at different altitudes, and sometimes it is an obstacle to aircraft, so it is avoided because it creates disturbances during flight, according to What the British "LadBabel" website mentioned.

How are these strange clouds formed in the sky?

A Met Office spokesperson says: 'These strange, abnormal clouds sometimes form downwind from hills or mountains. True lenticulars are one of the most common explanations for UFOs appearing around the world.”

Lenticular clouds and their different effects

Experts explain, “When the air passes through a mountain range in certain conditions, it can create a train of large standing waves in the air, such as ripples formed in a river when water flows over an obstacle, and if there is sufficient moisture in the air, the upward movement of the wave leads to condensation of water vapor, causing It forms the unique appearance of lenticular clouds.”

The effects of these clouds are different. On the ground, they can lead to strong gales, while in the upper atmosphere, pilots of powered aircraft tend to avoid flying near these clouds due to the accompanying turbulence.
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