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Amidst the backdrop of Covid-19 and ensuing lockdowns, shopping habits have undergone a seismic shift, particularly among younger demographics. Social media platforms, notably TikTok, have blurred the lines between browsing and buying, catalyzing what experts now call a cultural phenomenon: #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. This viral hashtag has been used over seven billion times, illustrating the platform's immense influence in driving consumer behavior.
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Why Web Push Notifications are an unmatched tool to grow your business online?

19.03.2021 07:14 AM
Why Web Push Notifications are an unmatched tool to grow your business online?
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Why Web Push Notifications are an unmatched tool to grow your business online?
You built your website, set your strategy to grow your business online, now it is time to reach your audience and start selling. Selling could include tangible goods, services, or even awareness about your business. To this end, any marketing tool proving efficiency and lead generation is welcomed and should be adopted.
Research showed mobile web audience is twice the size of App audience. Reaching your users on their mobiles through your website became much easier once Google Chrome introduced powerful capabilities such as web push notifications (also called Browser Notifications). The adoption of web push notifications has been rapid across industry verticals including publishers, eCommerce, BFSI, Travel, and B2B SaaS.

What are web push notifications?

Web push notifications are quick small messages sent to your users to keep them updated with the latest and the greatest of your business with information that pops on their mobile devices or desktops.
Your users don’t need to have a mobile application to benefit from push technology. dooklik push notification service uses your website visitors’ browsers to send your marketing messages even if they are not on your website at that moment. If the browser is offline, the message is queued until the browser is connected to the internet.
Users can simply subscribe to these notifications by clicking on the Allow button on the permission prompt. Only users who have allowed their browsers to receive these clickable rich content messages from your website will be reached.

Why web pushes are crucial for your marketing plan as an online business?

1. Push notifications are delivered to the user's device even when the user is not browsing. This allows businesses, especially in the marketing sector, to engage their users swiftly and seamlessly, giving them a native app experience.
2. Since the opt-in to the service is so easy and quick as it requires only clicking on that Allow button your marketing list growth is so fast.
3. If the update sent is well written and relevant, web notifications Click-through-Rates can reach the range of 10%-25%.
4. If building an application is not within your budget or business scope, having a well-built native website with dooklik and a web push notification service can yield you the same benefits if not more.
5. Web notifications can be personalized. The four elements of a notification title, description, image, and CTA can be personalized and changed following your audience preferences.
6. Having the ability to remind users of a near ending offer, limited items, news releases, will significantly increase the chances of users buying what they had viewed, added to the cart, or create awareness and drive decision-making processes.
7. Data Analysis is everything for a business to grow online. Browser notifications give you insights into the performance of each notification you send. Dooklik push service has in-depth analytics fully integrated with Google Analytics so you can measure your most important KPIs such as number of devices the push was sent to, users the push notification reached, open rates, number of users visiting your website due to the push service and so forth.
What can you use Web pushes for?
Notify your subscribers about sales promotions, limited offers, product updates and announcements, feature enhancements, or even reward points


Informational websitesand B2B companies can use the browser notification to build trust with end-users and lead them back to business updates, new catalogs, new written content such as tips, blogs, how-to guides, polls, and surveys.
Get this amazing marketing tool from dooklik and add it to your cart.
Contact our Sales team to learn more about how you can use push notifications to engage your users and get a demo.
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With the rise of online communication channels, one powerful tool that has gained prominence is web push notifications. dooklik, a leading platform, provides businesses and creators with a seamless solution to enhance user engagement and retention through its web push notification feature.

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