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Shetland Islands spaceport ready for launch by end of 2022

02.03.2022 10:46 AM
Shetland Islands spaceport ready for launch by end of 2022
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Shetland Islands spaceport ready for launch by end of 2022
Work begins on the UK's first commercial spaceport, which will see satellites launched into orbit from the Shetland Islands by the end of the year after plans have won the backing of the local authority. That the builders begin work in late March, after the Shetland Islands Council gave planning permission for the project. According to the British newspaper, "Daily Mail", three launch pads will be built in the Saxford spaceport, allowing the launch of small satellites in polar or sun-synchronous low Earth orbits.

The company aims to launch 30 missiles annually, and has set a goal of seeing its first orbital launch from UK soil after the third quarter of this year.

Frank Strang, CEO of Saxford Spaceport, said: “We've been working on bringing the space economy to Shetland for five years, so it's great that the economic benefits are already starting.

We have collaborated with Shetland companies such as Sandisons and Ocean Kinetics, as well as local start-up organizations, set up by Unst residents who want to support our exciting project.

"We're spending over £43m over the next 18 months, and that's going to go up to £100m in the next five years," Strang added.

Planning permission also allows the Scottish government 28 days to review the application, with work set to begin on the site once that period has ended.
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