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Can the latest OnePlus phones survive fire and bend test?

25.02.2022 03:29 AM
Can the latest OnePlus phones survive fire and bend test?
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The famous JerryRigEverything YouTube channel published a video in which it showed the capabilities of the new OnePlus phone to withstand the most difficult tests.

During the clip, the expert in the channel showed how he tried to hurt the screen of the OnePlus 10 Pro phone with a sharp tool, so that this screen showed good scratch resistance, which was classified as a sixth degree.

But when the expert tried to damage the protective glass of the phone cameras with the same tool, the glass showed excellent resistance against scratching, and when using the same tool with the frames of the phone body and with the frames surrounding the calling card ports, the frames showed clear traces of trauma.

During the clip, the expert also tried to test the device’s screen capabilities to resist high heat, so he exposed the screen to the lighter flame for about 30 seconds, but it did not show any clear traces of burning, and the screen continued to function almost normally, and the touch feature was not affected.

And the toughest test for this phone was the test of the structure’s ability to withstand pressure and bending. After the expert tried to bend the structure with both hands, the structure was exposed to obvious fracture and deformation in the middle of it.
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