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Drones Spray Tree Seeds From the Sky to Fight Deforestation

15.02.2022 07:19 AM
Drones Spray Tree Seeds From the Sky to Fight Deforestation
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Drones Spray Tree Seeds From the Sky to Fight Deforestation
Declining the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has become one of the main battles to tackle climate change and reduce global warming caused by greenhouse gases, trees remain a natural way to sequester carbon, through the process of photosynthesis, however, the main obstacle lies in planting enough trees Over a short period of time in areas that may be difficult and therefore costly to access.

According to Euronews, Professor Andy Pittman, a climate change scientist at the University of New South Wales, recommends that we act quickly, adding: "The scale of the problem we are currently facing is very exciting, it is also very stressful and it will take all the ingenuity of our species to deal with this problem. "And the problem is getting worse because we're not cutting emissions so aggressively. So the first step to solving the problem is really simple: you have to cut emissions really deep, fast and the reason we have to do it quickly is because we haven't done that for the past 30 years."

A biotech company is experimenting with ways to dramatically speed up the tree-planting process as its engineers and biologists have teamed up to create new drones and a new type of organic capsule that will allow them to plant trees in a fraction of the time they normally take.

Drones are used to map the land, they provide the necessary information about the health of the existing plant and identifies specific plant species, the use of drones to spread seed pods is less expensive because it uses less labor, and remote-controlled flying machines can also cover an area Much bigger and faster, and not only do newly planted trees capture carbon, they are also more adaptive and resilient to current and future climate changes.

Drones are used to map the land, and they provide necessary information about existing plant health and identify specific plant species. The company assures that soil samples are analyzed for nutrients, minerals and other elements so that soil carbon seed pods can then be manufactured.
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