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What makes dooklik the best custom website builder for SMEs?

23.02.2021 05:16 AM
What makes dooklik the best custom website builder for SMEs?
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What makes dooklik the best custom website builder for SMEs?
dooklik is a platform that helps you move your business online with the least effort from your side and the utmost support environment from its team. Below we will point out what makes dooklik the best custom website builder platform:

Full Customization:
dooklik does not offer off-the-shelf ready templates that you can pick and go. Our platform believes in the uniqueness of each customer and its industry. Our seasoned designers will consult with you to design your theme from scratch with no constraints. They will offer you clear and intuitive designs built just for you based on your business need. 
dooklik platform is built to leverage your business. It grows with your needs. You are not limited to what you first bought. It is a scalable platform packed with Add-Ons so you can add functionalities, features, and services as you grow.
Backed by years of experience in building websites for a wide range of industries dooklik platform managed to gather and offer the most suitable features for each type of website. E-commerce websites, informational platforms and even media websites, are packed each with its respective industry-leading functionalities. SEO mapping, blogging spaces, advanced search, scheduling software, photo galleries, and even live streaming and podcast hosting are all features that can be intrinsically found in dooklik packages or seamlessly added-on.
As your website is backed by a professional team of developers, designers, and content creators dooklik gives you access to your own content management system where you can control your data, change it as need be, upload your blogs, product listing images, files, and more. As your business grows, you can pick and choose from multiple services offered by dooklik in case you have resources, time, or other constraints. Ask our team to manage your content through our Content Management Servicing, grow social media presences with our layered Social Media Packages, or even create content and get a highly engaging copy with our Website Copywriting.
Competitive pricing
Combining the know-how of both template and custom websites dooklik offers competitive pricing for all its services given the long line of professionals and expert designers and developers behind it. You may find many cheap solutions but remember they are not always the best and oftentimes they turn out much costly in the long run.
Maintenance and Security
dooklik platform is constantly maintained. Your website is not left out or forgotten. It does not depend on the knowledge or calendar of an unnamed developer. It is updated frequently to stay on top of security concerns. Security patches come out as often as needed to keep your website compatible with the latest software and code updates away from hackers.
Search engine optimization
As your website is built to fit you and maximize your returns, our developers are SEO-oriented. They know every rule and every hack and they implement it from the first brick in building your website. dooklik team makes sure your site is optimized for search engines, which will save you loads of marketing costs.
Premium Support
Choosing dooklik to build your website means you don’t need to know any programming language or be an expert in a field that is not yours. You have access to very helpful business and technical support so you can focus on what’s important to you. dooklik gurus will be your consultant. They will advise on best practices, guide you to kick off your online business. They will offer training sessions to get you fit to use dooklik easy platform and fill your own data. Our support team will hold your hand throughout the maintenance cycle. This is not an off-the-shelf package
Contact dooklik sales team to talk with our experts and book a session with one of our consultants.
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