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Twitter violates its most important rules .. soon "lengthy articles"!

07.02.2022 05:14 AM
Twitter violates its most important rules .. soon "lengthy articles"!
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Twitter violates its most important rules .. soon "lengthy articles"!
It seems that social networking sites are trying as much as possible to keep pace with fashion, or what has become known according to their language as "the trend".

Although the blue bird had increased the number of words allowed in tweets over the years from 140 to 280 words, he found that this did not seem to be enough, so he moved with new measures, as recent leaks revealed that Twitter plans to introduce a feature that meets the needs of users who They like to share their thoughts in one long article.

Accordingly, the famous technical researcher, Jan Manchun Wong, published, through her account, a picture of a new tab that Twitter is preparing for her called “Twitter Articles”, that is, Twitter articles, which allow writing long articles, but she did not reveal whether the feature will be Available to all users, or whether it will be rolled out widely around the world, or whether it will be exclusive to Twitter Blue subscribers.

We always look for the best

In the company’s first comment on the leaks about the “Twitter Articles” feature, a spokesperson confirmed to Cnet that the company “is always looking for new, optimal ways to help people start and participate in conversations.

The spokesman also announced that the blue bird will reveal more details soon.

It is noteworthy that Twitter had announced years ago (in 2017), that it offered the ability to write 280 characters within the tweet to all users who use supported languages, including English.

The company had announced for the first time a controversial plan to exceed the number of 140 traditional characters in a single tweet in September of the same year, and indicated at the time that the increase in the number of characters allows users to express more ideas, noting that there is data to support its decision regarding How character restrictions affect users differently depending on the language used.

Increase the number of users

The platform believes that people spend less time editing tweets within the text editor, which means that having more space for expression with more characters will make it easier for people to tweet ideas in one tweet, so that they can say what they want to say and send tweets faster than before, and this may result in more users interacting with the Service.
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