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YouTube's video player is getting a new look on Android and iOS

05.02.2022 05:33 AM
YouTube's video player is getting a new look on Android and iOS
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YouTube's video player is getting a new look on Android and iOS
The YouTube app for Android got a new look starting today when viewing videos in full screen mode. If you turn your phone to landscape mode while watching a YouTube video and press pause, you'll notice something new.

At the bottom left side of the screen are slim outlines of new icons that let you like, dislike, comment on a video, add it to a playlist, or share it with someone else.

At the bottom right of the full screen, there's an icon that shows multiple videos in full screen mode alongside this phrase: "More videos, tap to see all."

When you click on it, other videos that you may find interesting will appear. The video timeline is moved a bit higher and the three-dot settings icon in the upper right corner is transformed into the gear icon used to represent the settings menu in many other apps, although this change was made for both landscape and portrait modes of the site.

Clicking the little cursor next to the title of the video will bring up a profile with the number of likes, number of views and the date the video was first published on YouTube. This is where some of the videos will have written descriptions and some will be broken down by chapters making it easier to navigate.

This update rolled out today from Google to Android users, while iOS users will have to wait for the new UI.
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