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An astronaut monitors a strange and magical scene in the desert of an Arab country

04.02.2022 05:03 AM
An astronaut monitors a strange and magical scene in the desert of an Arab country
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An astronaut monitors a strange and magical scene in the desert of an Arab country
A Russian cosmonaut shared a strange scene through a photo taken from space, specifically from the top of the Algerian desert, providing several important information explaining the nature of the scene.

And the Russian cosmonaut, Sergei Ryazansky, posted on his personal Facebook page a beautiful scene from the top of the Algerian desert.

Commenting on the charming scene that appeared in the picture, Ryazansky said: "Algeria is the largest country on the African continent, the Sahara desert constitutes 80% of its area."

The astronaut continued, explaining: "Algeria has the longest coastline among the Maghreb countries, with a length of 988 km."

The astronaut explained: "The Arabs say: Morocco (the country of the Maghreb) is a bird whose right wing is Tunisia, and its left wing is Morocco and the body of the bird is Algeria."

Ryazansky noted that Algeria is a unique country in terms of its climatic characteristics and nature, as it includes deserts, mountains, lakes, seas and various forests, noting that the temperature in summer may reach about 50 degrees, while in winter it falls snow.
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