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Face ID with a mask: How to use on iPhone

31.01.2022 09:15 AM
Face ID with a mask: How to use on iPhone
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Face ID with a mask: How to use on iPhone
The giant Apple company launched a long-awaited feature for iPhone users that allows the use of facial recognition technology in the presence of a muzzle.

This feature appeared in the new beta update (IOS 15.4 Beta) that Apple recently launched, and it will be available to developers and people using beta versions of iPhone updates, according to a report published by 9to5mac.

The iPhone screen could be unlocked with the muzzle only when the user was wearing an Apple Watch, but the new option provided by Apple eliminates the need for the watch.

This facial recognition technology "Face ID" works by identifying the area around the eye while wearing a mask or a face mask.

Even eyeglasses

The new feature can also be used even if a mask and eyeglasses are worn, but it will not work if sunglasses are worn.

But this feature will not include all iPhone users, but will be limited for the time being to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 versions, of various types.

The report also indicated, "It is possible that in the future, Apple will expand this feature to include the rest of the iPhone versions."
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