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The news that Meghan Markle will be returning to television is creating a stir. Her represents have confirmed that she will be hosting a show on Netflix that will highlight the pleasures of entertaining, cooking, gardening, and friendship. This untitled documentary, which is directed by Michael Steed, is well-known for his work on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. It provides a fascinating look at Markle's love of community and food.
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Meta stopped 52 networks for spreading misinformation and false news!

21.01.2022 09:52 AM
Meta stopped 52 networks for spreading misinformation and false news!
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Meta stopped 52 networks for spreading misinformation and false news!
Meta - Facebook previously - announced the suspension of a large number of fake networks during the past year 2021.

Meta explained that in 2021, the platform removed 52 networks that participated in a coordinated effort to manipulate or corrupt public debate to achieve a strategic goal, while relying centrally on fake accounts to mislead people about who is behind those networks.

According to a report released by the platform tonight, the networks came from 34 countries, including Latin America, the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
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Meta revealed on Tuesday its extended efforts to enhance the safety of young users on Facebook and Instagram. The update includes new settings for teens, incorporating content restrictions and the concealment of search results linked to self-harm and suicide.
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New Mexico Attorney General Raul Torrez alleged in a lawsuit against Meta that the company had become a "breeding ground" for child abuse, according to the BBC.
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In an era of rapid advancement in technology, this is accompanied by the emergence of artificial intelligence technology and chatbots. This technology raises important questions about potential risks and impacts on society and information.

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