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This is the first YouTube video to surpass 10 billion views!

14.01.2022 05:09 AM
This is the first YouTube video to surpass 10 billion views!
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Baby Shark has become the first YouTube video to cross 10 billion views, just over a year after it topped the list of the most viewed video site on the Internet since its official launch, surpassing the number of views of Luis Fonsi Wadadi’s “Despacito” Yankee that topped the list of the most viewed in YouTube history for several years.

The closure of schools and work from home due to the outbreak of the emerging epidemic of the Covid-19 disease was an influential factor in the amazing growth in the number of views of the popular children's song Baby Shark.

The Baby Shark song became one of the features that shaped the childhood of generations, many of whom are now in the youth stage, and it is one of the famous songs in schools in different countries around the world, which made its impact extend to being more than just a children’s song, and there is also a series shown by children’s channels carrying The name of the song is Baby Shark's Big Show and one or more movies too, and as expected there are already NFTs related to the most famous song and video in YouTube history.
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