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Apple announces new Fitness Plus features

12.01.2022 06:45 AM
Apple announces new Fitness Plus features
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Apple announces new Fitness Plus features
Apple has announced two new features within its Fitness Plus subscription service, which aim to make your morning workout more enjoyable.

One such feature is Time to Run, which gives you the opportunity to run in a different city every week. The program will start with three cities; London, Brooklyn and Miami Beach. You will have an audio guide with tips, plus you will get matching pictures and music.

Apple is also introducing new entries to its Artist Spotlight so you have a wide selection of music that can guide you through your workout. New content has been added to the Time to Walk feature as well; A third season with podcasts and audio sessions.

All of these new features are available today for $10 per month or you can opt for an annual subscription for $80.
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