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Google Is No Longer The World's Most Popular Website

02.01.2022 09:34 AM
Google Is No Longer The World's Most Popular Website
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Google Is No Longer The World's Most Popular Website
Last year, this is how rankings stood.

Top 10 most popular domains in late 2020

1) Google.com
2) Facebook.com
3) Microsoft.com
4) Apple.com
5) Netflix.com*
6) Amazon.com
7) TikTok.com
8) YouTube.com
9) Instagram.com *
10) Twitter.com

Top 10 most popular domains in late 2021

1) TikTok.com
2) Google.com
3) Facebook.com
4) Microsoft.com
5) Apple.com
6) Amazon.com

7) Netflix.com
8) YouTube.com
9) Twitter.com
10) WhatsApp.com

The popular video-sharing app first took the number 1 spot on February 17, 2021, but that lasted only for a day. However, from then on it started claiming a few more days in March, and a few more days in May. After August 10, the site was the most popular domain on most days.

The website surpassed Facebook as the Internet's favorite social media platform in terms of traffic, though Facebook remains the platform with the most users worldwide.
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