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Emissions from making EVs can be 70% higher than petrol models

18.11.2021 02:24 AM
Emissions from making EVs can be 70% higher than petrol models
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Emissions from making EVs can be 70% higher than petrol models
A study conducted by the Swedish company "Volvo" revealed that the carbon emissions in the manufacture of electric cars increased by a large percentage.

The study, conducted by the giant car company, said, "Manufacturing electric cars such as the brand's electric C40 Recharge model emits 70% higher carbon emissions than making internal combustion cars such as the Volvo XC40," according to the Carcops website.

The company said that the electric car, despite its manufacturing emissions, during its operation, emits much less carbon emissions than the corresponding internal combustion car.

Volvo added that it is possible to calculate the period in which electric cars will outperform internal combustion cars in carbon emissions, after use and according to the source of electricity generation, continuing, “But assuming the global average, the Volvo C40 Recharge electric car will be able to equate the XC40 in carbon emissions after about 109,918 kilometers of driving.

The company explained that this distance is enormous, as Volvo estimates the total life of the car at about 200,000 kilometers, "and estimates that after this distance, the electric car will generate 15% less carbon emissions than internal combustion cars, which is not an impressive difference in our opinion."

The company confirmed that if the sources of energy generation within the country are renewable and clean, this will allow the electric car to equalize the percentage of carbon emissions with the internal combustion car after 77,000 kilometers, and it can emit 30% less emissions over its life compared to an internal combustion car.

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