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Chinese EV maker unveils flying car planned to be launched by 2024

26.10.2021 10:05 AM
Chinese EV maker unveils flying car planned to be launched by 2024
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Chinese EV maker unveils flying car planned to be launched by 2024
HTC Aero, a subsidiary of the Chinese electric car maker X-Pang, has announced its plan to launch a flying car, which may become a reality in the market soon.

The company said it plans to roll out the new vehicle for commercial use by 2024, but has indicated the possibility of changing the final design, CNBC reported.
HTC Aero explained that its flying car will feature a lightweight, rotating design with foldable parts, allowing it to walk on the roads and then fly once the wings of the helicopters are open.

The company, which raised $500 million in funding last week, said its futuristic car will have several safety features, including canopies.

Flying cars have received a lot of interest from automakers and start-ups, however, there are a number of challenges to using these vehicles on a large scale, including regulatory and safety issues.
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