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Massive cyberattacks that shook the world in 2021

21.10.2021 04:32 AM
Massive cyberattacks that shook the world in 2021
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Massive cyberattacks that shook the world in 2021
Cyber-attacks rocked the world during the past ten months of this year, and ranged from attacks targeting data leakage, information theft, and tampering with official elections, and other attacks that put user data in the hands of hackers, until huge ransoms are paid.
1- The big attack

Giant technology companies fell victim to the cyber breach caused by a flaw in SolarWinds' Orion internal network management system, a week after it was discovered that a group of US government institutions had been affected by a "major cyber-attack", such as the US Departments of Homeland Security, Commerce and the US Treasury.

Among the affected were Cisco, Intel, Nvidia, VMware and Belkin, as well as a number of government institutions and US ministries, a small part of the SolarWinds customer base that is supposed to fall as victims of its software vulnerability, as it is estimated that the number of affected by this vulnerability is about 18 major global companies and US government institutions. As well as institutions and companies in a number of countries in the world such as Britain, Mexico, Spain, Israel, Belgium, Canada and the UAE.

2- Shell fuel pipes

Last May, Colonial Pipeline, the operator of the largest fuel pipeline in the United States, announced the resumption of its operations, after being subjected to a cyber-attack that paralyzed its systems and affected millions of Americans, causing fuel shortages, after hackers withheld sensitive data from the company's servers, to pressure them. To pay a huge ransom in the form of crypto currencies.

The company did not disclose the amount requested by the hackers, or whether it was paid. But Bloomberg and the New York Times reported that the company paid about $5 million, noting that the "Dark Side" hacker group claimed responsibility for the attack, while the US Department of Justice announced the recovery of many of the money paid as ransom.

3- A blow to the meat giant

The US subsidiary of the Brazilian agri-food giant GPS, the world's largest meatpacking company, announced that it had been subjected to an "organized cyber-attack" last June.

4- Mess with the German elections

And in the midst of the German elections last month, the website of the body supervising the general elections in Germany was disrupted, it is believed that hackers are behind it. to stop servers.

Citing government sources, Business Insider reported that the electronic information systems necessary to ensure the conduct of the elections were not affected, most likely because they were reinforced with additional protections.

5- An attack on Arab countries

A report, published by Bloomberg last August, indicated that a large-scale electronic hacking operation resulted in the theft of intelligence information from international companies and official institutions, in addition to documents from foreign ministries in several countries in the Middle East, amid suspicions of the involvement of a Chinese hacker group in the attacks.

The agency stated that this attack, which had not been previously reported, lasted about three and a half years, and it was suspected that the "Hafnium" group, which the Chinese government was accused of supporting, was behind it, while the Chinese Foreign Ministry denied the involvement of any of the hackers it sponsors. The government is on the offensive.

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