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A Complete Guide to Start Blogging in 2021

16.10.2021 09:52 AM
A Complete Guide to Start Blogging in 2021
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A Complete Guide to Start Blogging in 2021
According to a recent study, about 6.7 million people around the world blog and vlog, and that number is rapidly increasing every year. A large percentage of these blogs are personal, but an increasing number of professionals are using them to live showcase their expertise and expand their networks. Publishing a blog may seem very simple, but you have to put in a lot of time, effort and attention in order to succeed. A well-written blog gives you a platform to share your ideas, videos with a variety of industry professionals and can open doors for you and lead to new business opportunities. In this article, we'll look at how to professionally write career-related blogs.

Profits come only through successful blogs, which are very few compared to the total number of millions of blogs. This means that a huge number of blogs that are created every day are destined to fail and do not achieve even their minimum goals. To help you avoid this fate, in this article, we will present a set of key factors that will spare your blog the fate of failure and make it embrace the success you have always sought.

1. Post regularly

Regular publishing is one of the most important keys to the success of any blog, because your posts are supposed to serve as daily or weekly appointments with your readers.

These readers will know with the passage of days the times you publish and thus your blog gets regular visits and a bond is created between you and them that later makes them loyal visitors to the blog, and thus potential customers if the blog is of a commercial marketing nature.

2. Stand out from the crowd

In the midst of so many websites and blogs, it is not always easy to stand out and stand out to push your blog to fame and success. In our Arab countries, this is not a big problem because the competition is not as intense as what we find in English content, for example, but despite this, this point is only exploited by a few Arab bloggers.

3. Loyal readers are one of the most important secrets of successful blogging

Getting new readers and visitors to your blog is certainly a difficult task, but the most difficult is maintaining them and making them your family and permanent visitors. This comes, as I mentioned, by providing purposeful and exclusive contents to gain the confidence and admiration of the visitor, and we must not forget the necessity of building a mailing list because e-mail is the most valuable thing that you will receive from the visitor and through it you can communicate with him later through the periodic newsletters and mailing offers that you send to subscribers in those the list.

4. Promote the blog as much as possible

Loyal visitors and those coming from search engines are not enough on their own, especially if your blog is at the beginning and does not attract large numbers of them.

Fortunately, there are other ways to get new visitors and users, such as promoting your topics on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, by creating special pages for the blog where its fans and followers meet to see everything new. Posting in forums and other communities also allows you to get a good number of visitors.
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