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Why it was called "Pink October"?

04.10.2021 09:40 AM
Why it was called "Pink October"?
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Why it was called "Pink October"?
Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women, but it may also affect men, but to a lesser extent. Today, with the great development of medicine, doctors have made great achievements in the fields of early detection and treatment of breast cancer patients, reducing the number of deaths from the disease.

Previously, detection of breast cancer meant the removal of the entire breast. Today, these operations are only performed in rare cases, due to the wide range of available treatments.

Significant support for breast cancer awareness and research funding has helped advance breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Breast cancer survival rates have increased, and the number of deaths associated with this disease has regularly decreased, largely due to a number of factors, such as early detection, the use of a new treatment method that takes into account the individual situation, and a better understanding of the nature of the disease.

It is a global initiative that was launched at the international level in October 2006, where sites around the world take the color pink or pink as their logo; to raise awareness of the risks of breast cancer. An international charitable campaign is also being conducted in order to raise awareness, support and provide information and support against this disease.

Why is October the Pink Month?

In 1991, pink ribbons appeared for the first time, when the Susan Koman Foundation, the most famous institution in the fight against breast cancer, since its establishment in 1982 in the United States, distributed pink ribbons to participants in a race in New York City for breast cancer survivors, but the official accreditation The pink ribbon was not adopted until the following year, 1992, and was derived from the color red designated for AIDS.
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