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Viral Video: Whale amazes people on cruise with 'magical rainbow breath'

03.10.2021 02:00 AM
Viral Video: Whale amazes people on cruise with 'magical rainbow breath'
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Viral Video: Whale amazes people on cruise with 'magical rainbow breath'
A viral video was shared on social media by Australia tourism's official account showing a giant whale taking the rainbow breath.

The caption of the video read, "Who knew whales had magical rainbow breath!? The team on board @catbaloucruises were greeted by this friendly humpback whale while cruising around #YuinCountry on the @sapphirecoastnsw. Turns out these majestic creatures are just as curious about us as we are about them!" People are seen taking pictures of the whale, which is right in front of them, in the video. The whale then does the "rainbow breath" and astonishes every person present.
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