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Tips on how to east and order sushi! We've been doing it all wrong!

25.09.2021 09:28 AM
Tips on how to east and order sushi! We've been doing it all wrong!
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Tips on how to east and order sushi! We've been doing it all wrong!
Although you won't be kicked out of the average Japanese restaurant for mistreating your fish, knowing how to eat sushi the right way enhances the experience and turns the meal into a cultural lesson. Sushi isn't a cheap hobby, so why not have fun and learn something cultural along the way? Look out for the great documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi and you might find yourself in the raw fish craze.

Professional sushi chefs have been studying for decades to perfect those delicious bites.

Fortunately, there are no ambitious guidelines as to what kind of sushi you should eat first, and no order follows. The chef may have his own plan for which portions should come in order. If you particularly enjoy something the chef made, tell him, and order another one.

Sashimi is usually eaten with chopsticks, but the traditional way to eat sushi is by lifting a piece between the thumb and middle finger. Picking the sushi with your fingers allows you to feel the texture and helps hold it together rather than ruining it with wooden sticks. Regardless, you will be forgiven for using chopsticks.

Again, the only time mixing wasabi into your soy sauce is acceptable is when you will be eating sashimi.

Turn the piece upside down by rotating it counterclockwise, then dip the fish in the soy sauce - not the rice. Not only will the rice absorb a lot of the soy sauce and change the texture of the bite, making the rice left in your bowl a hobbyist. Properly preparing the blended rice is also part of the art of sushi.

Sushi pieces such as unagi (eel) and those with the sauce already on top should not be dipped.

The pieces should be placed in the mouth upside down so that the fish is against your tongue. Allow your tongue to take in the complex flavors before you throw in the bite. Regardless of the size, it would be ideal if you could eat the whole piece in one bite. An attempt to put a piece in two bites usually results in its disintegration.

The most important and most important rule of how to eat sushi properly is that you enjoy every single bite - more than likely it will be the bill and not the heartburn-inducing wasabi later on!

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