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The Tesla Model S Plaid has set an EV record at the Nürburgring

17.09.2021 04:28 AM
The Tesla Model S Plaid has set an EV record at the Nürburgring
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The Tesla Model S Plaid has set an EV record at the Nürburgring
Tesla's Model S Plaid set a world record during a tour of the German Nurburgring circuit with a time-lapse of 7 minutes 30 seconds and 9 parts, making it the fastest electric car on that circuit so far, to snatch the title from the previous record holder Porsche Taycan by 11.1 seconds.

The video of the tour showed some modifications inside the car, such as the semi-circular steering wheel, the equipment of the Roll Cage to protect the driver in the event of a rollover, and different control units in the center console.

The Plaid version, which is the most powerful version of the Model S, worked through 3 electric motors. Tesla says that each of them generates more than 400 horsepower, bringing the total power to about 1020 horsepower, and according to the company, it goes from zero to 100 km / h in 1.99 seconds to a top speed of 320 km/h and travels up to 627 km on a single charge.
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