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Watch the first 18-second video posted on YouTube 15 years ago! It is viewed more than 90 million times!

25.08.2021 10:46 AM
Watch the first 18-second video posted on YouTube 15 years ago! It is viewed more than 90 million times!
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Watch the first 18-second video posted on YouTube 15 years ago! It is viewed more than 90 million times!
The first video uploaded on YouTube 15 years ago, with a duration of only 18 seconds, paved the way for the success of the popular video platform to this day.

Thursday marks the anniversary of the "Me at the zoo" video, which was shared by the site's co-founder, Jawed Karim, on April 23, 2005.

In the video, Karim is seen standing in front of an elephant pen at the San Diego Zoo, where he tells the camera that these animals have "really long trunks".

Despite being simple and short, the video has been viewed more than 90 million times, since it first appeared 15 years ago.

Karim's video was just the beginning of what YouTube is today. Now, it's the destination for artists, musicians, and creators to share and showcase their work to millions - possibly billions of people.

The video for Luis Fonsi's hit song, "Despacito", is the most popular YouTube video, with over 6.7 billion views as of April 2020.

A year after the "I'm at the Zoo" video appeared, Karim and his co-founders sold the platform to Google for $1.65 billion.

Today, YouTube has more than two billion users who log in each month, according to the site.

Despite its wide spread, "YouTube" has been criticized during the Corona virus pandemic, which is currently sweeping the world.

Earlier this month, the platform was found to be making money by allowing ads to run on videos promoting fake COVID-19 treatments.

Both YouTube and content creators who have videos on the site can benefit from ads.

A Facebook ad that appeared on a YouTube video allegedly promised to improve viewers' immune systems and fight the coronavirus, with music that "improves cognitive positivity using subtle, subtle theta waves".

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