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Should cats be allowed on airplanes?

09.12.2022 09:02 AM
Should cats be allowed on airplanes?
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Should cats be allowed on airplanes?

Why are cats allowed? Yes, dogs are also permitted in the cabin. Yet twice as many people are allergic to cats as to dogs, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

Take medications that help prevent symptoms, advises Randolph. This includes a non-drowsy antihistamine, taken an hour before the flight, and two puffs of a rescue inhaler (a blue puffer such as Ventolin that requires a prescription) 15 minutes before boarding.

A mask, used to protect against Covid-19, could help prevent the dander from getting into your airways. A HEPA air filter, which most airlines say they use, could also help -- but not if a cat is sitting next to you.

One thing economy passengers can do is call the airline ahead of time and ask to reserve a seat at least five rows away from the nearest cat. The airline might know where the cats are located, since passengers who want to take their pets with them in the cabin must book the animal in advance.

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