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NASA plans to pause most of its Martian work in October... Here is Why!

30.09.2021 06:47 AM
NASA plans to pause most of its Martian work in October... Here is Why!
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 NASA plans to pause most of its Martian work in October... Here is Why!

The US space agency, NASA, announced on Tuesday that it will stop leading its missions to Mars, during the next few weeks.

And NASA said, on its official website, that it will stop leading its Mars missions, in conjunction with the occurrence of Earth and Mars on opposite sides of the sun.

She explained that this phenomenon is called "Mars-solar conjunction", and it occurs every two years.

NASA stated that while engineers will stop sending commands via radio, missions will continue to collect data about Mars during this period.

She indicated that the cessation of leadership of its missions will last for two weeks, between 2 and 16 October.

During solar conjunction, gas from the Sun can interfere with radio signals if engineers attempt to communicate with spacecraft on Mars.

And the US space agency said that "it could confuse orders and lead to unexpected behavior from the means of space exploration."

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